As your elected Council-member for The City of Santee,  I understand my mission is to listen to your concerns and needs then follow up to your complete satisfaction whenever possible.

My emphases has been to make sure our City is listening to you and responding. When I ran I walked many homes in the city asking two simple questions, what needs to be improved with the city?  and what would you like to see in the future?  I was pleasantly surprised to see most people were overall happy with our great city.  Most of the concerns were traffic and a that you wanted a new movie theater.

As for the traffic we are constantly working on the main concern which is the backup on the Highway 52, However, I’m  happy to say that we will now have a new state of the art movie theater in construction now.


As a Council Member it’s our vision to set the direction to make our city, family lifestyle, and overall lives better for us and our children.
Our parks are second to none, our reserves are on or about 20% of our reserves, and new business are coming into Santee at a great rate, this is partly due to a low crime rate, and a household income that is 7th in the County of San Diego.

Be it a pot hole, messy neighbor, or the bus services in Santee.  If you ask a questions ;you deserve an timely and responsive answer.  The days are over when government doesn’t respond to your needs. I’ve made a point to be responsive to your to phone calls or emails concerning subjects like Castlerock/Weston, substandard housing, homeless, local infrastructure, or helping a local business to get solutions.



Safety is one of the prime reason for government, Santee has a long record of safe streets, however, it’s up to us to ensure this standard keeps going in the correct direction. I have worked with the Fire and Sheriff’s to ensure Santee is safe. We now monitor Facebook, Nextdoor, and many other social networks to look for possible illegal or questionable events in our city so the sheriff’s department can focus on those crime areas.

The Santee Fire Deportment and the County of San Diego has recently upgraded their fire trucks, ambulances, radios, and aerial fire fighting to bring in the lasted equipment to ensure a safe Santee.  You might identify the new trucks they are now red by the choice of the firefighters. I’m happy to ensure we have the most qualified personal so when you call we have a fast and effective outcome.



Santee is a city that has experienced transformation growth over the past decade; all for the better. Public opinion has elevated Santee to a higher stature, it is now viewed by many as one of the best run cities in East County.  We should all be proud to call Santee our home.

As Santee continues to develop, our community is challenged with the task of avoiding future potential obstacles associated with congestion, over-crowding , state  and energy regulations, crime, infrastructure support, and acclimating to the technology demands of the 21st century. The City of Santee needs practical solutions to effectively support long-term decisions, and  the citizens need to be heard by our city officials and staff to ensure our city maintains a steady course into a promising future.

Having a successful background in business, I’ve been well poised to bring common sense problem solving to local government; something that is refreshing and often uncommon in politics today.  You have my commitment that I will always do what is in the best interest of the residents of Santee.

Thank you for your support in my campaign for the Santee City Council. I’d appreciate your vote and your assistance at whatever level you are comfortable with. Please feel free to call or email me during or after the campaign. I am interested in speaking with you and hearing your ideas and vision for Santee. Please learn more about me by navigating through this website or join me at a meet-and-greet. I am available now to speak with you now or in the future to discuss your questions, comments, and concerns for a better Santee!

Ronn Hall