The Issues

Simplicity is an effective approach

It is important to tackle long-term problems that will affect our city. Ronn Hall’s first course of action will be to ensure Santee keeps a balanced budget. The second priority as a Santee City Councilman will be creating jobs in our community. Having a business friendly climate in Santee will attract companies and create jobs, but also add value to people living in Santee. When the businesses make money, it creates revenue for the City of Santee. The last focal point as a Councilman will be to keep taxes low. If we are able to make responsible choices as a city and effectively budget, there is no reason to raise taxes. These bedrock principles will continue to make Santee a great place to live.


Ronn Hall on the Issues

  • Balanced Budget: Keep the City of Santee on a responsible course of action regarding spending.
  • Jobs: Cultivate a business-friendly environment Santee to create local jobs in our home town.
  • Taxes & Fees: Impose less taxes & fees to make Santee a more affordable place to live.
  • Energy: Research long-term energy efficient options to provide lower costs.
  • Water: Work hand and hand with the Padre Dam to continue  low-cost  fees and high-quality.
  • Transportation:  Work with other council members on traffic congestion, repair roads,
    and improve traffic flow to make Santee an easier city to drive in.
  • Community:  Encourage a sense of community, where people want to live, and be involved.
  • Law Enforcement: Work with the Sheriff’s Department to reduce crime and limit drug activity.
  • Fire Protection: Work with the Santee Fire Department to ensure they’re fully funded and provide
    immediate response.


Difficult decisions and practical solutions

There are many other important issues in running a city. It is important to take a stance on difficult issues so there is no confusion on where someone stands. Ronn understands to get things done you have to take action, do the work, and do the right thing at all costs. The people of Santee need strong leadership. Ronn is a 4th generation San Diego native and values community and people over position and politics. Ronn has the endorsement of Santee Mayor Randy Voepel and other community leaders who have a reputation for the same. Ronn can think both tactically and strategically to plan for and forecast challenges and present practical solutions. Ronn Hall has already contributed to positive change for the City of Santee and will continue to do so on the Santee City Council.