The Issues

Simplicity is an effective approach

It is important to tackle long-term problems that will affect our city. Ronn Hall’s is on many local government committees to ensure Santee has a voice. We have ensured a business friendly climate in Santee that will attract companies and create jobs, but also add value to people living in Santee. When businesses make money, it creates revenue for the City of Santee that can help with road maintenance, community events such as the summer concerts, and updating parks. The last focal point will be to keep taxes & fees low. If we are able to make responsible choices as a city and effectively budget, there is no reason to raise taxes. These bedrock principles will continue to make Santee a great place to live.


Our former Mayor described Santee as “The La Jolla of East County”. While many people made fun of that comment, Santee has the 7th highest household income in San Diego County and the highest in East County.   I personally have coined the saying that “Santee is where East County Shops”.  People from many communities love coming to our parks and stores because they are second to none in East County. Our Spring Concerts, Summer Concerts,  Fido Fest, Santee Street Fair, Brews and Bites, and our 4th of July fireworks draw families from near and far.

We are developing an Arts and Entertainment District, and a new Community Center, to help Santee enhanced its sense of community, where people want to live, shop, play,  in a unique and positive way.

Service to you!

I’ve worked hard to make sure the days are over when government doesn’t respond to your needs. I’ve made a point to be responsive quickly to your to phone calls or emails concerns. My personal goal is to adopt Rotary’s official motto “Service Above Self” to all my work at the Santee City Council and City Staff. The most frustrating part of government is when you have a concern or issue that may need to be corrected your views are not heard or acted on. By my request, the City now monitors Facebook, Next-door, and many other social networks to look for citizen concerns and quickly respond to them.

Law Enforcement and Fire Protection

Worked with the Sheriff’s Department to reduce crime and limit drug activity.  We have reduced crime over the last 4 years.  As a council member I’ve made sure The Santee Fire Department is fully funded, have the latest and safest equipment including a three new Brush Rigs to defend our hillsides around our homes.  Santee is working to clear the bush in and area around the riverbeds.  These improvements give all the Santee Fire Personal the ability to provide immediate response to our citizens of Santee.

Balanced Budget

Keep the City of Santee on a responsible course of action regarding spending.


Research long-term energy efficient options to provide lower costs to our city. Updating current needs for solar and looking into a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to find methods on reducing the effects from the new SDG&E cost changes and increases.


Transportation has changed drastically in the last 22 years.  Y2K was one of the biggest concerns back then, the iPhone was just a drawing on someone’s desk. Much has changed in eighteen years; we now have Uber and Lift, taxis are turning in their licenses because of the new trends.  Self-Driving Cars are about to be launched. Electric cars and buses are now in operation. It’s time we look toward the future and not be caught up in decade old thinking.

Highway 52

Traffic is clearly one of the main concerns of Santee residents.  If you’ve sat on the 52 at rush hour you’re convinced!  The Mayor, Council and I have formed the Highway 52 Coalition because this issue is truly regional.  The purpose of the Coalition is to build broad support and seek funding for improvements to SR 52 in advance of the 2035 to 2050 schedule in SANDAG’s current Regional Transportation Plan.  Santee has acquired $2.5 million with the help of Darrell Issa, $12 million from SANDAG. However,  Santee alone cannot solve the current and projected congestion on SR 52,  we need the collaboration with local and regional stakeholders. Santee can seek to build support for addressing the problem.  The Coalition will help explain the problem, the need for a solution, look to find the funding and why it is in the region’s interest to address the problem. Let’s all work with them to solve this to get a “Real Fix to the 52”.


While working to find the fix to the 52 the roads in Santee also needs to be improve the infrastructure above and below street level.   As a council member I have approved over $12,000,000. to replace or repair decades old  roads and corrugated metal pipes, many left over from the County of San Diego that have failed or may be about to fail.  Setting an aggressive goal for future repairs, we continue to repave roads though sometimes slowly to some.  Updating to smarting traffic signals are in my future if reelected.

Bus - Trolley Services
Back in 2018, The Metropolitan Transit System made plans to cancel bus service on the west in Santee as part of the Transit Optimization Plan.  As a Board Member for MTS since 2016, I worked to not only overturn the cancellation and save the Bus Service for west side of Santee but to have it redesigned the route and now offer hourly service.  It’s important that our seniors and disabled have service that they can depend on.


Cultivate a business-friendly environment in Santee to create jobs in our hometown taking traffic of the 52.

Difficult decisions and practical solutions

There are many other important issues in running a city. It is important to take a stance on difficult issues so there is no confusion on where someone stands. I understand to get things done you have to act, do the work, and do the right thing at all costs. The people of Santee need strong leadership. I’m a 4th generation San Diego native and values community and people over position and politics. I have the endorsement of Santee Mayor John Minto and other community leaders who have a reputation for the same. I can think both tactically and strategically to plan for and forecast challenges and present practical solutions. I’ve already contributed to positive change for the City of Santee and will continue to do so on the Santee City Council.

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